Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exploring Technology and Having Fun at SMART Lab

I don’t know if you have ever frequented this blog or not, but if you have, you have probably wondered how exciting things can really get at SMART Lab. Fortunately, we at SMART Lab are lucky enough to be working on something really exciting, which we’d like to share with you all.


Fig1. Balanced Annihilation on the SPRING Engine

A few weeks ago a few students started working on different aspects of game development, and as they would testify, it is one of the most exciting things that they have done this summer. This project involves making use of a popular gaming engine to play around with Strategy Games.


Fig2. Our own AI with Balanced Annihilation

Internees got to select a strategy game of their choice, and they chose Balanced Annihilation (created on the Spring engine). After playing around with the engine for a while, they settled on programming AI’s for the game. This was fascinating because the internees not only got the chance to play the game but also teach the computer how to play according to the strategies that they have created.


Fig3. Another AI with SPRING Engine

If you find game development / AI interesting, please do drop by at the SMART Lab, and we’ll even show you a demo of the AI’s we’ve developed! Stay tuned for more information :)

- Afnan Fahim

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