Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SMART Lab goes for a trek

On the last weekend SMART lab went for a trek in the scenic Margalla mountains of Islamabad. The trek started in the morning around 9:30 and it took two hours of walking and climbing and running and eating and fun to reach the top Winking smile. On the way up we had the most tasty kinnooos!


sm2 sm1
sm_11 sm_24
sm_16 sm_14

After the trek to the top we had a sumptuous brunch with Tikkas and parathas!!! After that Ahsan treated us to a very nice Tea Smile as a fine for not attending the lab meetings Smile!

sm_28 sm_29
sm7 sm8
sm6 sm_30


  1. It was a very great time.... I cannot forget it in my whole life ..... :)

  2. Awesome trip with all the SMART ppl :P

  3. The pics seem really amazing. I wish if i could attend the trip :( Actually i am upset about the kinoos and tea party from Ahsan :p